Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apple's Time Machine brought down by Alex's Voice

I have been toiling with Apple's Time Machine backup software for sometime. I use a MacBook Pro as my primary workstation for work. On paper, Time Machine looks righteous. It snapshots your disk(s) periodically and lets you restore to certain points of time. YMMV depending on how much disk you have for a backup.

I've only gotten it to work once then it died and never worked again. I couldn't find a resolution within a couple hours so I gave up. My mac is becoming less and less reliable these days, it seems. I've been inclined to get it working again. My hope is that this problem has been flushed out in the forums or through updates since the last time I tried about a year ago. NOPE! Like a Volkswagen door handle, its still broken. I let it run and attempted to find out what files it hung up on. Low and behold, it was Alex's voice from the speech synthesizer. I speculate it is corrupt. Interesting note found here. This is the largest file in Leopard. Nice. Incidently, the OS weighs in @ around 10gb. After this, Time Machine appeared to run. Let's see if it works on subsequent backups or if pukes again.

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