Wednesday, May 13, 2009

File serving to change as we know it

I'm convinced. Deduplication is the way of future pertaining to mass file serving, storage, backups and the like. Dedupe is no longer bleeding edge. As I mentioned earlier, it is a must have for IT. It started out as an option to ditch tape for backups at the block level. Now we are seeing it creep into the file sharing realm in the form of file level dedupe. My company owns 2 of EMC's "unified storage" devices aka Celerras. 2 months ago EMC released a software upgrade that allows for compression AND file level dedupe. Moore's law tells us we have CPU cycles to spare, in most file server's cases. Seems like a reasonable tradeoff, increased CPU processing for more storage capacity. In the end a much more all around efficient solution is realized. In time where services are being offloaded to the cloud and servers are being consolidated and virtualized or all together axed, efficiency is the name of the game.

It won't be long (I predict less than a year) when we'll be seeing more dedupe solutions in the file server space.