Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IT Thrill Seeking

Disclaimer: The ensuing hilarity is not condoned or suggested, merely posted for your reading pleasure.

All IT "professionals" aren't Mt.Dew drinking, dark office sitting, no showering, no documenting geeks. Some of us are inherent thrill seekers or closet adrenaline junkies. We've been presented with challenges or say, opportunities to for thrill fulfillment in the IT industry. A few examples. I am notorious for moving servers within racks "hot". I've honed my skills over time. Its not the smartest thing but sometimes the only option. Just make sure you have all your bases covered. Dual homed NICs, dual power supplies with a good, long extension cord, a place to set the running server and steady hands.

BTW, this was an ESX server housing roughly 15ish VMs, withOUT vmotion.
Got any good IT thrill seeking stories of your own? Do share please!


  1. you're ridiculous. your boss is totally going to see this. oh wait, it's planting season, no he's not...

  2. Remember to exercise caution. If Microsoft goes down, the company goes down.