Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reduce, reduce, recycle.

....and above ALL, help someone.
I recently coordinated a donation of some of my company's outdated
PCs(pentium 3s) with a great nonprofit organization, pcsforpeople. They take
in used pentium 3s or higher fix them up, if needed, and distribute them to
underpriveledged families that can use them.

Think about this. Something we take for granted(computers, the
internet, and email), some folks have yet to even experience. Hopefully,
families can take advantage of the vast information that can
become available to them. Can you imagine a day without email or
surfing? I can't. Its become a necessity for most and a privelege for some.

You can help. I found the organization on a suggestion from a
coworker. I was looking for someone that could use these computers
rather than sending them off to be trashed. That is all it takes! More than
likely there is someone in your area doing the same very thing as
pcsforpeople. Find them.

Those in the southern Minnesota area, contact Andy Elofson at =
andy.elofson@co.blue-earth.mn.us or pcsforpeople.com

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